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Balloon Column for a table


Balloon Column Single Number


Balloon Column Two Numbers


Balloon Columns (Themed)


Big Balloon Number Helium Foil, Inflated with a weight


Bubble Balloon, (Birthday, Baby, Anniversary ) Inflated with a weight


Bubble Balloon, Confetti (Birthday, Baby, Anniversary ) Inflated with a weight


Bubble Balloon, Dummy for a New baby or Baby Shower


Bubble Balloon, with small balloons inside (Birthday, Baby, Anniversary ) Inflated with a weight


Christmas 18″ Foil Helium Balloons, inflated with a weight


Christmas Elf Arrival Balloon, Red Elf, personalised (Provide own Elf)


Foil Helium 18″ Balloons Characters for younger children


Foil Helium Balloons, Congratulations, Grad, You did it! & Retirement (Inflated with a weight)


Foil Helium Balloons,Retirement ,Bon Voyage, Sorry You’re leaving, Thank you Inflated with a weight)


Foil Helium Birthday 18″ Balloons Black Gold & Silver


Foil Helium Birthday 18″ Balloons Blue (Inflated with a weight)


At Bewitched Parties, we offer a huge selection of fancy-dress outfits and accessories for all occasions and themes, as well as other celebratory items such as our click and collect balloons in Chorley & Lancashire. Our click and collect balloons are best if you’re based nearby in Leyland or Preston as the balloons are at their best in local areas.


We offer twenty different packages of balloons for collection, including our range of numbered birthday balloons. We can supply masses of latex ceiling balloons, which are inflated with ribbons attached, as well as balloon bouquets of three balloons for attaching to chairs, and balloon columns for tables.


We can add balloon columns of numbers for birthdays, and special character balloons, which are popular with young children. We also offer personalised balloons, with handwritten messages, and fun balloons designed to pop and spray out confetti, which can be also customised according to the design, colour, and age or occasion.


For more information about our click and collect balloons, please get in touch by visiting our contact page and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have for us.

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