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24 Piece Graveyard Collection


Animated Crawling Zombie Prop


Animated Gory Severed Arm Prop, Pulsating


Animated Hanging Bride Skeleton Decoration


Animated Hanging Caged Skeleton Decoration


Animated Hanging Groom Skeleton Decoration


Animated Hanging Skeleton Decoration


Animated Hanging Spider Larva Decoration


Here at Bewitched Parties, we have a large variety of Halloween fancy dress costumes, so extensive, we couldn’t possibly list them all. We stock over 600 different Halloween costumes, for men, women and children, with many being unisex items. As well as adult outfits and costumes for children, we also stock various Halloween props, masks, decorations and accessories, so if you’re planning a Halloween party, we’re sure to have everything you could need.

Within our Halloween category, we also have some special sections for quick access if you’re looking for a particular theme, including all our adult Halloween fancy dress costumes, those for children, 7 Deadly Sins, Carnival of the Damn, Cirque Sinister, instant fancy dress, Once Upon a Nightmare, Steam Punk, Tainted Garden, Tokyo Dolls, Twisted Fairy-tale, and Zombie Alley.

Halloween is a holiday that has been most celebrated across the pond in the USA, and this influence as meant it has increased in popularity in the UK over recent years. Originally thought to have been brought about by folk customs and beliefs from Celtic-speaking countries and their pagan roots, it is thought to be a time where the earthly world and the ‘otherworld’ came closer together. Modern Halloween has also been influenced by Christianity, but it is observed by many countries by many people of varying beliefs.

The best Halloween costumes are firmly rooted in the tradition for scary and creepy fancy dress outfits, and we have plenty of these to choose from at Bewitched Parties.

To discover more about our Halloween fancy dress costumes, please get in touch by visiting our contact page.

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